Small Tile Cleaning Tips for Big Results

If you have tile flooring in your home then you already know how much it can enhance the look of a room. You probably also know how easy it is to get dirty. But dirty tile is only as bad as you let it become.

Maintaining tile is easy. It merely requires some time. Here are a few guidelines to make your tile cleaning efforts more effective.

For starters, not unlike with carpet, routine vacuuming can do a great deal to keep your tile clean. You should utilize the lowest elevation setting on your vacuum cleaner to do this. However, if you have a few extra dollars to spare, the best scenario is to purchase a vacuum cleaner created for tile or hard flooring. These kinds of vacuums are specifically designed for cleaning hard surfaces and therefore are less likely to scratch your tile. Most of these vacuums are not very expensive and make an outstanding addition to your tile cleaning arsenal.

A great item to add to your vacuuming routine is a micro fiber broom. This would be a tool similar to the Swiffers you can find in most stores. These types of brooms are fantastic for following up behind your vacuum to pick up any items that may have been missed. Plus the micro fiber material will not scratch your floors like a normal broom can potentially do.

Another key component in maintaining your tile is going to be mopping. There are a few suggestions that can come in very handy for a more potent mopping. The first of these is try using a string mop. If possible, work with a string mop made out of micro fibers. Once more, they are especially gentle and safe for your tile.

One other recommendation would be to not apply a great deal of cleaning detergent. Excessive detergent can leave residue afterward which can result in additional work for you in the future. Use a neutral pH cleaner that is manufactured for tile. This is an effective cleanser that is gentle on tile.

Remember to rinse your mop frequently. You don’t want to redistribute dirty water onto your cleaned areas. One last item to help you get a great clean is to only use water every third time you mop. What this does is remove any built up residue from the previous mopping sessions. It is a way for you to refresh your tile much in the same way a weekly exfoliation refreshes your skin.

These pointers should help you with your routine tile maintenance. Finding the opportunity to clean is difficult enough. So when you do it’s nice to know that you’re working as effectively as possible.

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  1. Tile Contractors should be in the business of renewing existing grout and tile to its original beauty. It should fulfill its common vision – to help homeowners and business owners enjoy the beauty of their grout, tile and stone – while minimizing maintenance.

  2. I usually clean my tile floor and I see this is not very hard to keep it tidy. Thanks for sharing tips

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