Some Important Instructions for Adjusting the Tension of Garage Door

Do you ever have a though to consider the tension of your garage door? It is this thing only that controls the convenience of using the garage door comfortably. The tension of the garage door decides how efficiently and easily the door will operate. So now, I hope you have realized its importance.

The tension can assure your safety about the garage door. In some case this undue tension may require more energy and may cause the opener to work comparatively harder. As a result more electricity bill will have to be paid.

You may have to adjust your door tension any time. For this purpose, at first the door opener has to be disconnected to test the tension. This is quite an easy task because now most of the modern door openers are provided with fast disconnecting feature.

After that, the door should be adjusted as half opened. A platform can be used to hold the load of the door. Then the next thing is to balance the tension of the door. In case the door is easily lowered or raised then it can be taken as a proper adjustment of the tension. On the contrary if its not like this then you need to do further adjustment.

The next step is to open the door completely and make the springs tension free. Then keep the door in this place by blocking the rollers with something like a pair of pliers. Make sure to avoid any slip of door which may lead to a vital accident. After that, disconnect the lifting cable from the track at brace. You can find different number of holes there. Adjust the tension by moving the cable into a hole. If you move it to a closer hole to the door, the tension will increase and vice versa.

Now simply remove the stops and check the door by lowering or raising it. In case of improper functioning of the door, try adjusting the sides equally. The adjustment should be done continuously until the door works as your wish.

During the whole process, try to take the help of someone. It will be very wise to have such help during the time of connecting and disconnecting the spring, because any slip in this time will cause unwanted physical hazard to you. Try not to avoid this advice. Some of these accidents have also resulted into death in some cases. It is better to call the expert in case of any doubt. It will be really helpful to wear proper safety equipment through the process. You can make use of the gloves and goggles for the purpose.

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