Some Tips On A Little Blog About Sash Windows For Consideration

Here is a little blog about sash windows. They go back 400 years in history. In case you don’t know what a sash window is, it uses a sliding mechanism to move the different parts of a window up or down, unlike a modern window which opens inside out. Even though traditionally sash windows were- and still are- made of wood, nowadays you can buy uPVC one too, which is easier to maintain than the wooden one.

For landlords the question of how to tackle the maintenance issues with them is a real dilemma. Maintaining this kind of window is a painstaking, onerous task, but replacing them might turn out to be expensive, as some of them are heritage structures. However, we are of the opinion that the maintenance of this type of window should not be left to the tenant. If the landlord frequently changes tenants then he can utilize the breaks thus provided to carry out some precious repairs or maintenance.

If it is you who carry out maintenance of your property, you will need access to your property to be able to carry out checks and repairs on both the inner facing and the outer facing areas around this type of window. Below we give you some suggestions on how to maintain your window.

The first thing to do is to clean up the arena around this, especially any plants that may have arisen on your walls. These tend to die during the winter months and you may have issues with the paint and the wood.

Once you’ve cleared up the arena around the window, take a good look at them, scrutinizing them minutely. If the window do not have paint peeling off them and there are no obvious problems with the window, you can take pride in your windows. However, if paint is peeling off and the window doesn’t open or shut properly, then this might be the time to over haul your window.

Also make sure that your window is secure and open and close properly. Run your hand on the inside of the sashes and see if there are any droughts coming through. If you can’t do this, then call in specialized technicians. They might take some money, but on the other hand they will save you potentially, hundreds of pounds on heating bills.

It is better to overhaul your window while the weather is still pleasant, just before winter sets in, because once that happens, repairing or maintaining your sash windows in the biting cold might not be a very agreeable prospect. Think also about installing double-glazed windows, which will require very minor changes to your window and its frames, but will save you a lot of money in electricity bills in winter, since they keep the house warmer.

If you don’t want to take the trouble of maintaining your window every now and then, go in for uPVC windows. However we don’t support this option for two very simple reasons. In the first place, uPVC half a life of roughly 10 to 20 years whereas a good quality sash window will easily last 60 to 70 years. Secondly, if you are looking on selling the property a few years down the line, this kind of window will fetch you a higher price because of their heritage value. There are in fact several properties belonging to the National Trust that have this kind of window dating back hundreds of years. So, you’ve enjoyed a little blog about sash windows up to now.

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