Staining An Entry Door From White Plains

Wooden doors for the exterior part of the house are exposed to harsh weather most of the time. To prevent additional damage, it helps to apply stains. It does not matter if the entry door White Plains is new or old, the chemical gives a brand new appearance as well as protection from the harsh elements.

This is a fairly easy home improvement procedure and does not require any sort of home improvement assistance. What you only need is to wipe the solution properly. Make sure to follow the steps given below so it results in a professional outcome.

Before even applying the solution, put a drop cloth on the inside and outside portions to keep the stain away from the floor and ground. Parts like hinges, handles, and various other hardware should be taped to prevent unnecessary staining.

Using a 120-grit sandpaper, make the surface rough enough to make the stain adhere properly. Any existing stains should be removed, as you are aiming for a fresh look.

Wipe every portion using tack cloth. To aid you in getting the remaining dust, use a damp rag that is wet with mineral spirits. Before you apply the solution, see to it that you have a smooth and clean-looking door.

Open the can of staining chemical and stir it properly with a paint stirrer. Make sure you use long and smooth strokes to avoid creating bubbles.

Get a two-inch foam brush. Dip the tool in the can, making sure to absorb the right amount. Remove all excesses by stroking a part of the brush on the rim of the can.

Thin layers of the chemical should be applied to the sticking and panels first. Next, work on the vertical center sections, horizontal sections, and the outside of vertical sections. The last parts you should work on are the edges. When you do this, work according to the grain.

To smooth out the output, lightly run a rag over the areas where stain was applied. Dampen a rag with mineral spirits before wiping unwanted stain off any areas while working. Once you have finished the whole process, let the chemical on the entry door White Plains dry. You may choose to apply a second coat in the same way, but only do so once the first has completely dried. Entry Door White Plains

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