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Works Reasonably Well

It’s been working perfectly several days now and has been invaluable in diagnosing a refrigerator issue. From here forward, Amazon will be a product research tool and a recommending system, but I will be cultivating other vendors for the actual transaction. By the time the technician got out here 5 days after the call for service it started working so he couldn’t find the problem. During cold weather, our garage temp dipped and the fridge temp had dropped to 33 degrees. Continue reading

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Purchasing The Right Mini Freezer For Your Needs

There are lots of mini freezers out on today's market. As a matter of fact, more frequently than not folks easily find a critical need for mini freezers. Compact, upright freezers are now considered major appliances. This is going to be due in part to the high demand for the freezers. Great for offices, dormitory rooms and compact spaces, mini freezers maximize the space potential in a room because they're so tiny and will not take up much room. Continue reading

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