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What A Smeg Fridge Freezer Can Do?

Before, the easiness of having an appliance was seen as a big help in the work that needed to be accomplished at home. From tending shop in the kitchen, to cleaning clothes to keeping the common areas of the home neat and tidy, these appliances and what they can do were a God send for many. Today, the basic use of a home appliance has almost taken a backseat as it were to the many choices and special features they come with these days. In other cases a modern day appliance has as much to do with how it looks as much as how it works, and one have to look no further than refrigerators to see this in full effect. Continue reading

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Works Reasonably Well

It’s been working perfectly several days now and has been invaluable in diagnosing a refrigerator issue. From here forward, Amazon will be a product research tool and a recommending system, but I will be cultivating other vendors for the actual transaction. By the time the technician got out here 5 days after the call for service it started working so he couldn’t find the problem. During cold weather, our garage temp dipped and the fridge temp had dropped to 33 degrees. Continue reading

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