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Locating And Fixing Swimming Pool Leaks

If you've got a swimming pool, it can be quite easy to note a leak. When you have opened your pool for the year, you can easily spot a leak by the water gushing out. Where the leak is coming from though, may be an entirely different story. Occasionally it could be straightforward to inform, though other times pool repaircould be a bit more complex. Continue reading

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Once You Switch Over To A Salt Water Pool You May Ask Yourself, What Took Me So Long?

During the summer months our backyard swimming pool has always been the center of family activities. Just before we started to get the pool ready for the summer I did some investigating about salt water pools and how to convert from a chlorine system. After discovering the health and maintenance advantages we were sold on making the switch so we bought and installed a salt chlorine generator. Continue reading

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Issues To Bear In Mind Before To Installing Swimming Pool Enclosures

The benefits of the installation of pool enclosures are many. They start with the amount of money saved to heat the water and the increased security and safety they provide. An enclosure will also allow for year round swimming no matter what the weather conditions are. Enclosures help reduce water evaporation, reduce the amount of chemicals needed, and simplifies then maintenance. Continue reading

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Enjoying Your Swimming pool And Preserving The Hayward Pump

Summer season is upon us and it is time for those who hold access to begin enjoying their backyard swimming pools. With cool drinks in hand and ample sunscreen, many people are going to be spending summer season weekends floating away. However, with the enjoyment of the pool comes the responsibility to maintain the pool. For these individuals, pool maintenance, and getting the pool running after a long winter will be a great deal more central than the lounging that will happen later. Continue reading

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