The Basic Requirements For Mounting A Sod Pallet

The matured grass known as sod is widely purchased from particularly a distributor or from a nursery for gardens. The sod pallet is achieved by cutting the well nourished grass very carefully and professionally attached with its roots for preventing it dry out after being detached. This process required the immediate sowing of the ingredients for making an instant lawn. sod pallet

The pallets need to be kept under shade and hydrated regularly if they are unable to be planted immediately after being received for one’s lawn. It may die or dry up in a couple of days if not kept safe. It can yet survive for a longer span in colder areas or in winters.

Its cultivation and development requires a large amount of effort and time. The matured grass is usually utilized for saving the time needed to raise the grass oneself at home or at offices and green belts. That is the main reason that the sod pallet costs about 20 folds greater than the normal grass.

The lawn area or ground should be in perfect condition to receive the ingredients which involve removal of old grass and unnecessary weeds. The soil should also be leveled and plowed enough to merge the ground and the ingredients effectively. Before implanting it, the soil can also be well hydrated and applied with fertilizers.

A person should have a sound knowledge for the different types of sods. The varieties include several kinds of grass used for it cultivation. For instance a few qualities involve a large amount of tolerance level for the severe weather conditions and the wearing away of the grass strands due to kids or pets.

The accessible shapes of the sod pallet are usually in squared form or in the form of large rolls. Any person can mount the square pallets by himself because of their smaller dimensions. On the other hand, the larger surface areas are mostly covered by the rolls of the pallets and require large labour.

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