The Best Dieting Secrets Of The Top Stars

The stars always look so fabulous, do they not? Both sorts of stars do. Celebrities too. OK, we do not see them while they arise in the morning or with a bad hangover, but if we do see them, they always look at the peek of physical fitness and dressed in perfectly fitting clothes. It is their work not just to act and learn their lines but to look good too.

most if not all of them have personal fitness coaches, dietitians and even chefs in order to help them tackle the fat, so it is not really so difficult for them as it is for us, but the penalty for gaining weight is more ruthless, they may not be offered much more work, which would mean falling out of the limelight and that would be a serious thing for any celebrity.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most stars have their own favourite tips for staying on top of the weight problem that faces most individuals every day of their lives. Here are seven celebrities’ pointers on how they accomplish it.

Jennifer Aniston: follows the 40:30:30 procedure of counting kinds of foodstuffs. That is:

40% of what she consumes has to be slow-burning, low glycaemic foodstuffs like beans, root vegetables (like swede and potatoes), dark-green leaves (like cabbage) and fruit (such as bananas).

30% of what she eats has to be lean-to-fatless protein such as skinless chicken, tofu, turkey, ostrich, veal, fish and low fat dairy produce.

30% of what she eats must contain essential fatty acids such as oily fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

Kate Hudson; placed on 60 pounds during her pregnancy but was determined to lose it especially after the media was so cruel to her about her size. She did it in four months by concentrating on eating only high protein, but small meals often and training rigorously. This sounds a lot like the Atkins diet, but it worked for her and now she looks better than ever.

Oprah Winfrey: applies a similar plan to Kate Hudson’s. She works out at least five days a week and tries to consume mostly fish, nuts, fruit, beans, seeds, chicken and vegetables. She is especially careful to avoid, but not totally cut out, white sugar and white flour and last but not least, she does not eat anything after 19:00 hours.

Gwyneth Paltrow: has a regimen that is comparable again. She as well avoids white sugar and flour, but follows a macrobiotic diet of vegetables, brown rice and very lean meat and fish. She does not eat any dairy produce at all and does yoga every day.

Madonna: also does yoga every day and follows a macrobiotic diet of organic vegetables, brown rice and fatless protein. She has given up junk food completely.

Claudia Schiffer: will consume just fruit before twelve noon and after noon she adds salad and steamed vegetables to her diet, She drinks lots of tomato juice and herbal tea and is particularly fond of black grapes.

Christie Brinkley: is a strict vegetarian, who has also eradicated all types of junk food from her diet. She snacks on sweet potatoes and if she puts on a few pounds, she goes on a crash diet of fruit juices.

Do not forget that these celebrities have paid and almost certainly still are paying thousands of dollars for their advice, so if one of these outline diets appeals to you, do some more research and try it out free of charge. It works for them as you can clearly see.

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