The Free Energy Overunity Motor

An overunity motor is something that people have been fascinated with, and have been working towards achieving since the 17th century. An overunity motor is essentially a perpetual motion device that creates more energy than it needs to operate.

The main problem that has been keeping people from achieving this in the past is friction. Friction is the number one robber of energy from types of generators. Friction is one of the hardest things for mechanics to reduce.

Some people claim that they have already created an overunity motor by using electromagnetic energy. A motionless electromagnetic generator could in theory achieve greater than 100% efficiency, because you have no moving parts, and therefore no friction.

The Magniwork motor and the Adam’s motor are two of the more popular of these devices. As you can imagine both of these inventions have many devoted followers, and skeptics.

Every time someone mentions in the newspaper or on television that they have, or are very close to creating this type of motor, the scientific community meets them with a lot of skepticism.

They are right to be skeptical, because in essence a generator of this type is violating the first law of thermodynamics. This law is about the conservation of energy and states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

So anytime a scientist or inventor claims that they have created a motor or a generator that is greater than 100% efficient, it seems impossible.

Some people claim that we have already created these with Adam’s motor and Magniwork generator. Both of these are great and controversial examples.

We are living in an exciting time, because a true overunity motor would revolutionize our society, and create free energy for everyone. This would even end our foreign oil dependence.

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