The History Of Swimming Pool Construction

There are four main categories of swimming pool shell construction, each of which should be considered by a reputable swimming pool technician prior to installation. A swimming pool professional should be able to advise its customers on whether to install an indoor or an outdoor pool, and may discuss issues including heating, maintenance and the cleaning of the water.

Swimming pool construction was revolutionised during the 1950’s with the advances in plastics technology enabling the creation of the liner pool. Liners are an extremely popular style of swimming pools Gloucestershire, because they can be manufactured using specific dimensions, and are available in a whole array of colours and patterns. As liners are incredibly strong, reinforced concrete floors are usually not necessary which could save the pool owner a lot of money. Labour intensive tiling is also not necessary for liner pools, which can again be much more economical.

Liners allow speedy swimming pool construction, as the pool can be filled as soon as the

backyard swimming pool

backyard swimming pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

liner is fitted. The liners are considered low maintenance, and many swimming pools Gloucestershire benefit from having quick repairs made without having the need to drain the pool.

Preformed pools are another type of swimming pool shell construction. Just like the

swimming pool liners, these are produced in a factory, though are usually built to a standard size. The pool is constructed as a one piece pool shell in a mould and is transported as a whole to the customer’s premises. A large hole is created for the mould to be gently lowered into, and pea shingle is frequently used to backfill the pool whilst the pool is being filled up with water, this is to prevent settlement of the surround. Preformed pools have the huge advantage in that they are extremely quick to produce, allowing swift completion of the swimming pool.

Traditional swimming pool construction methods include permanent shuttering and sprayed concrete. These both create extremely strong pools, and are well suited for indoor pools, or if part of the pool wall is projecting above existing ground level. Sprayed concrete pools are perfect for confined areas where space is very limited.

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