The Jacuzzi And The Primate

We have long recognized that we are in one way or another, associated with monkeys, in fact some famous theorists of the past have even gone as far as claiming that we have descended from them. This subject matter is ripe with opinions from both sides of the argument, so it is best if we do not deal with that in this article, let us just be contented with the fact that we do have some similarities with our primate brothers and sisters.

In the remote and frosty setting of the Japanese Alps, lives an unusual group of monkeys, peculiar in the fact that these Japanese macaques have managed to master another behavior that was formerly thought to be unique only to human beings. And this is the practice of going to the Spa, or more distinctively, soaking in a warm bath and letting the steaming waters wash away all the stress and muscle tension.

In reality, these monkeys have evolved this practice as a survival instinct, they take hot soaks so that they can beat back the frosty bite of winter conditions. But when looking at images of a troop of macaques dozing off in the warm waters with smug and pleased expressions on their faces, one can almost say that they are simply enjoying their personal primate Spa.

But being the truly inventive beings that we men are, we have taken the practice of soaking in hot baths to an entirely different level, and that is by coming up with the Jacuzzi. This is a creation that evokes the very meaning of luxury and leisure, it combines the calming effects of a hot and steaming soak with the gentle massage of the bubbling currents, enough to relax every inch of the body.

In the not so distant past, Jacuzzis were only found in the most exclusive health clubs, five-star hotel suites, or at a fancy Spa, but together with the arrival of the modern age also came more sophisticated methods of developing products. Now, you won’t find it hard to search for a portable bath tub or Jacuzzi, and other bathroom accessories, that you can set up at home so that you may experience all the comforts of a Spa without ever needing to leave your home.

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