The Magnificence Of High Performance Blenders

Blendtec, Vitamix, and Waring are three top level companies that have been producing the best blenders for between three and eight decades. That means a great blender is not a new invention. They were first sold to commercial kitchens because they were high powered enough for that, but other cooks wanted them, too.

A small portion of users in the raw food community have been aware of the health benefits that blenders can provide for many years. In just the past few years though, the best attributes of these machines have reached the mainstream population. My intent is not to bore you with science. I just want you to consider this an attempt to see why they have been so popular in the community.

Taking a piece of fruit or a piece of vegetable and chewing and eating it is one way to get the nutrients we need for the health of our bodies. But sometimes there are other ways that will yield us as many or more of them. Of course we should always eat fresh produce, but maybe there are other ways to ingest them.

Chewing is actually the first step in the process of digestion. It is when the food first starts to break down, and it also triggers the brain to send a signal to the stomach that basically says “Incoming!” Although chewing is a vital part of digestion, it isn’t the end by any means. You food needs to be broken down on a cellular level in order to extract all your basic nutrients from it.

Most plants produce a carbohydrate known as cellulose that is not easily broken down without chewing when the fruit or veggie is in its whole state. That is why we have to start with chewing if we are trying to get the most out of that apple or carrot that is sitting in front of us.

This is one way owning a high-powered blender can really contribute to your health. When you blend your foods at high speeds, it breaks down the cells in the food, leaving your body less work to do. That way, your body has more energy for all the other things it has to do on a daily basis, such as fighting disease.

This blending will increase the percent of phytonutrients that the bloodstream can take in instead of letting them go unused. These are minerals that are in the fruits and veggies but that are in places we often can not even masticate. We often do not want to or can not chew the fibrous places where they reside, like the skin, the seeds, and the pulp.

The more power a blender has, the more able it is to help the body release the nutrients that are contained in these cell walls. We need to release them so that they can help our bodies do what they are meant to do such as fighting illnesses like various cancers, diabetes, and heart disease, among others. Using these wonderful machines can definitely help our overall health and contribute to well being.

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