The Steps to Caramelize Sugar with Torch Lighters

Many people have butane lighters in the kitchen, but the devices are just collecting dust. This is certainly a shame since the lighters have numerous uses when it comes to cooking desserts. If you have one of these dust traps in some drawer, it is time to get it out and start learning how to use it.

Just how do you caramelize sugar with cigar lighters? You will need to start by making the dessert that will require the caramelized sugar crust. No matter what the dessert may be, just follow all the normal cooking steps up until you get to the sugar crust part. At this point, you will want to start breaking out the cigar lighters. The process is actually quite simple, but you may need some time and practice to get it just right. Do not get angry with yourself if it requires a few tries.

Start by turning the lighter on a low flame. You do not want too high of a flame or it could scorch the sugar. Next, make sure you are using the right type of the sweet confection. You will need to use granulated sugar, not powdered or brown sugar. The latter two of these three will just melt when you turn the lighter to them. Granulated sugar will easily caramelize however.

After the dessert is baked, you will just need to buy the right kind of sugar. Powdered sugar and brown sugar will both melt too easily. You need to choose granulated sugar, and preferably the kind with a large grain. This type will caramelize the best. After the dessert is done baking, you will need to create an even layer of sugar on top of it. Make sure it is even so it will look good when complete. Keep the lighter flame approximately 4 inches from the dessert and pass over the sugar in even sweeps until it bubbles and turns golden brown. You should soon have a dessert that looks just like those you would find in a fine restaurant.

Caramelizing sugar using butane lighters is not hard at all, and once you get started with it, you will want to make these desserts all of the time.

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