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Knowing the Facts on Solar Energy

As the population’s opinion is changing about sources of energy, it is very important for everyone to understand some of the basic facts about solar energy so that they can appreciate the endless opportunities it brings to us. Solar energy is one of the most popular alternative energy sources out there today; it is both extremely easy to use as well as extremely ecologically friendly.

Let’s look at a few facts about the history of solar energy.

We are not the first of humans to want to utilize the sun for energy; many ancient civilizations realized that the sun harnessed unlimited power. Centuries later, Leonardo da Vinci began conceiving the idea of an industrial water heater powered by solar energy. The science of the sun continued to grow as a scientist observed photovoltaic effects on cells. Centuries after da Vinci’s solar water heater model was developed, it was finally patented by an inventor in 1894, which kick-started the whole solar energy trend.

Only a few years after that the world’s very first solar thermal power station was created in 1913. This particular solar thermal power station helped revolutionize Egypt’s irrigation system by running a 65 horsepower engine to pump nearly 6,000 gallons of water from the Nile to surrounding crops. The last kick in the solar energy’s history happened in the year 1954 when the world’s very first modern photovoltaic solar cell was created by the Bell Laboratories.

Here are some very interesting facts about the technical aspects of solar energy.

There are only two main types of solar devices; there are active devices and passive devices. Active devices utilize photovoltaic cells while passive devices are thermal based. Because these active devices utilize the module solar cells to turn light into energy directly, these are the most common energy transformation devices available today. Thermal based passive solar devices often hold solar energy at high temperatures through molten salts. As the technology in solar energy continues to increase, it is becoming estimated that by the year 2060 we will be using solar energy to power 33% of the entire world’s power needs.

As we are becoming more and more in touch with the earth as well as technology, solar energy is becoming an obvious solution to many energy problems. The possibilities that come with solar power is almost as unlimited as the energy from the sun. One of the reasons solar energy is so important to the earth is because it is only one of the few energy resources that does not emit any greenhouse gasses whatsoever. Solar energy is also one of the must self-sufficient energy sources around today; a solar powered energy device can go decades without the need of repair or even regular maintenance. As you can see, it all boils down to being efficient and being conscious of the environment, which is why solar energy is so important to us today.

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