The Way To Mount An Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly more trendy during recent times. That is -among various other things- certainly because of their lower cost, their simplicity of function and their very realistic-looking flames. Especially, having said that, how easy an existing fireplace is changed into an electric fireplace is the chief explanation why many fireplace owners choose in favor of the electric fireplace insert. Each of these appliances are manufactured specially for installation within an existing fireplace space. They are referred to either as electric fireplace inserts as well as as electric fireplace logs. In case you first would like to comprehend what kinds of electric fireplaces are available, take a look at some electric fireplace insert reviews. What should be done to install one of these items?

At the outset, close the flue of the existing fireplace. As an electric powered fireplace will not really be burning, it does not create any exhaust fumes and will therefore not need any ventilation. The chimney will become unnecessary, but ought to be kept in a functional form after all to allow for a potential re-use of the hearth for burning wood or gas. Closing the damper found at the top of the hearth cavity permanently will be helpful to avoid annoying drafts and will keep the cold out there, especially during the winter.

Then, construct a wood-based framework to which the fireplace insert will be attached. This construction is going to consist of an oblong wooden frame which has to fit snugly into your existing hearth aperture or, alternatively, directly in front of it depending on the precise kind of your new electric fireplace insert. The frame should be made from standard wooden beams which can be bought in every building supplies shop. Make sure that all beam parts are cut off competently so that any dangerous splinters have been completely removed. Fasten the frame on the various parts of the fireplace outline or fasten it using screws whenever applicable.

Lastly, mount the insert. Electric fireplace inserts include the fixtures necessary for attaching them to the framework. Make sure you create a opening for the electric cable: this needs to be carried out at an early point in time so that you can make sure that all parameters will be right: the placement of the power cord on the fireplace element, the length of the cord and eventually the placement of the wall insert. Test fit the whole insert into the structure constructed in the course of the preceding phase. The insert must slot in effortlessly yet, simultaneously, without an excessive amount of space in between the insert and the framework construction. In case all matches properly, plug in the electrical cord and fasten the whole assembly into position.

Despite the fact that these instructions are naturally not comprehensive, they are able to give you a look at what to expect when installing an electric fireplace insert. The full instructions included in your particular fireplace system or the help of any skilled specialist will make sure that this task can go ahead according to your wishes.

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