The Worlds Most Popular Friction Management Solution: Timken Ball Bearings

Known across the global business community as industry leaders in ball bearing design, construction and distribution Timken create bearings that are used in industry’s as diverse as aerospace, medicine and construction. Cornerstones of the industry, Timken ball bearings are produced in 3 main categories, categories that are discussed below in more detail.

Radial Ball Bearings

Radial ball bearings are built with inner and outer rings with cages containing a ring of intricately designed precision balls. The standard bearing will be designed with a deep groove and will be capable of handling both radial and axial loads and are designed to support operation at high speeds. The size of radial Timken ball bearings range from 3mm across to 600mm across and can be used in industry’s as diverse as the automotive and agricultural industry’s. Radial ball bearings are designed to operate in contaminated environments thanks to special seals that keep lubrication in and contaminants out; they are also given special coatings to achieve decent corrosion resistance.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Although single row angular contact ball bearings cannot thrust in any direction like radial ball bearings, they can generally handle larger loads though as they are designed with a specific geometry of angular ‘raceways’ and ‘shoulders’. They can be used in a variety of high-speed and precision applications and are designed for a combination loading (radial and axial). There are two types of angular contact ball bearing, single row and double row. Single row bearings can only move in one direction whilst double row bearings can move in both.

Precision Ball Bearings

Although they might be more expensive, precision ball bearings are manufactured for more specific purposes. For example instrument bearings will be used in dental and medical professions due to their small size and increased manoeuvrability, ball screw support bearings will be used more often in motion control situations and thin section bearings will be used in robotics because of their slight build and ability to handle a large variety of moving parts. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, there are arrays of precision ball bearings designed to fit truly any purpose.

Timken ball bearings are known within the industry as being the most flexible, reliable and cost effective ball bearings that money can buy. Supplying all kinds of ball bearings for use in all manner of applications across the world for over 100 years (Timken was found at the end of the 19th century), Timken is a name synonymous with quality. If you’re in the market for ball bearings, you won’t want to look anywhere else.

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