Tips for shielding your home from the winter weather

When winter properly kicks in, your home can suffer just as you. Whilst you may experience cold and flu, your home may have problems with broken boilers and burst pipes, not to mention how much it costs to heat your home in winter. There are measures you can take, however, in order to protect your home and prepare it for the winter season.

Insulation is a good place to start. If you haven’t done so already, make sure that every wall cavity, roof space and pipe is well insulated. If you’ve already done this, why not add another layer? Another idea is to fit double glazing in your windows if you don’t already have it, as this will serve as an extra defence against escaping heat.

Next, you need to call on the services of a boiler maintenance and servicing professional in order to get your boiler checked out ahead of the winter weather. Leave until the freezing temperatures kick in, and it will too late to spot and fix any faults.

Do you know how to use your heating system? This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t know how to use timers and other methods to ensure that their home is being heated efficiently.

Not everyone uses a standard home heating system, but it is still important to work out how best to use other systems, such as air source heat pumps, in the winter months. If you do have a heat pump, you should probably also have a boiler ready as backup, just in case temperatures plummet to extreme lows and you need a little extra heating or hot water.

Last of all, you need to check over your pipes. Fix any dripping tap problems, and make sure you know where the tap is that will switch off the water supply to your home, as you will need this if the pipes burst.

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