Tips On Constructing Natural Swimming Pools

Huge quantities of chemicals with scary warning labels go into your typical swimming pool to purify the water. These chemicals follow one basic rule of killing anything and everything except the swimmer. Now visualize yourself swimming in a surrounding of beautiful lilies with humming birds landing on the trumpet vines nearby. This is the beauty that natural swimming pools bring.

These pools do not use chemicals at all and Mother Nature purifies the water making the system very eco-friendly. Either ecological or recycled materials are used to build the pool to ensure greater environmental sustainability. These ponds can even be constructed on a Do It Yourself, DIY basis.

To build an environmentally friendly pond, a hole with a shallow side and deep side is dug in a designated location. The pool can be of any shape or depth, according to the preference of the owner. The shallow side is for holding plants that purify the water and enrich the pool with oxygen. When the hole is complete, bentonite clay is applied to completely seal it and prevent the seeping of water into the soil. PVC liners, though not very environmentally sound can also be used.

When the hole is finally sealed, it is filled slowly with water while adding plants on the shallow side of the hole. Water lilies, mash marigold and water primrose are some of the plants commonly used. After the pond is full with water, it should be given an allowance of a few weeks to enable the plants adapt to the environment and grow. An expert electrician can then be hired to install a pump for water circulation and a skimmer for additional filtration. The job is not finished until other plants are added around the pond to help hold the soil and avoid erosion.

The eco-friendly ponds bring with them a number of benefits. These include saving on energy as the sun and water circulation heats the pool hence less electricity is consumed. Water consumption is also reduced as the pond is not drained but filled once unlike in a typical swimming pool. Chemical pollution is minimized and a little self-balanced ecosystem created.

The pond is also less costly to build and maintain. If you construct the natural pond yourself, you could spend as little as $2000 and may require some maintenance just once a year. It also provides a scenic environment all year round with beautiful flowers and birds.

Relaxing next to wild grass without having to deal with harsh chemical irritations can be very enjoyable. Natural swimming pools are the new trend in swimming the natural way and helps in going green. It is also very fulfilling to create a self-reliant ecosystem and compliment the efforts of Mother Nature.

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6 Responses to Tips On Constructing Natural Swimming Pools

  1. Robby P. Baggio says:

    The guides were very useful to create a natural pond. Looking at the natural pool is great for relieving stress.

  2. Willy. S says:

    Natural pool is great for relaxation to release saturation. The article is very useful for those who want to make a natural pond.

  3. PK Sardar says:

    Reading about the natural pool itself is quite pleasing. I wish I could go for one, and hope people thinking of having their own swimming pool would go for these eco-friendly pools. However I feel one needs to take expert advice on the difference in height the shallow and the deep side should have and also on the type and quantity of water plants to be put in the pool.

  4. Sasha says:

    I never thought about what a hazard the chemicals in an average pool could be! This was very enlightening. I love how environmentally friendly this option is.

  5. gladys ana says:

    Wow! this is really a better way to swim, plus it’s eco friendly. It’s a yes for me

  6. senaka warnasuriya says:

    The fact that chemicals used to purify water of a typical swimming pool, kills everything other than the swimmer, is bit scary and lesser known among general public.

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