Tips On How To Make Great Do It Yourself Flagstone Patios

Here are some suggestions on how to create a do it yourself flagstone patio. One of the nicest ways to add some life to your patio, is by creating a patio with flagstones and connect it with the paths that lead to the area. Natural flagstone is the perfect material for creating a rustic looking patio and walkway. Flagstone patios also tend to last for a long time and look great without requiring too much maintenance.

It is not very difficult to lay flagstones, though the stones can be heavy. Generally flagstones are irregular in shape and hence putting together a flagstone patio could feel like putting together a puzzle. This also allows one to be creative and create one’s own design when it comes to creating flagstone patios.

The first step in laying a flagstone patio is to identify the location. Then start by marking the outline for the patio. There are two key tasks in this step. The first is to mark the point where the patio’s surface joins the house and touches the wall. The second task is to outline the perimeter of the patio with a suitable material like landscaper’s paint.

The next step is a labor intensive step. This involves preparing the base. During this step, individuals will need to evacuate an area anywhere between 4 inches to 6 inches. Once evacuated, the base needs to be smoothened and evened out. To fill in the frame, a filler of soil, sand and organic matter should be used to create a compact, supportive base for the flagstone.

Once a quantity of the filler mix is dumped into the base, one should try to spread it as evenly and as smoothly as possible. In case any pipes need to go through the patio area, care has to be taken so as to make sure there is no problem related to them.

The third step in this process is the setting up of the flagstones. It is important to ensure that the stones selected are ideal ones. Palletized stones are one option, which though expensive might be better because they are of a more similar size and shape.

After laying the flagstone in the base mixture, care should be taken to ensure that it is properly seated by either using a rubber mallet or by standing on top of it. Smaller stones can be used to fill in the gaps between flagstones. A mixture of pea gravel, sand or topsoil can be used to fill in the joints. A spray of water can be used to help settle the flagstones properly in the mixture. It might be a good idea to engage some external help or laborers for this labour intensive activity.

The next step is optional as it is aesthetic. This can be done by planting plants along its perimeter. It is advised to plant plants that have beautiful foliage and blooms as these will accentuate the beautiful colors of the flagstones. The last step in the process is to sweep dirt off the patio. Now you can relax with friends, relatives and guests and have a good time in your beautiful do it yourself flagstone patio.

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