Tree Chippers – Things You Should Look For

A tree chipper is a useful tool if you do heavy-duty yard work or have a lot of trees and brush on your property. If you’re looking into getting one, you’ll need to think about what will best serve your purpose.

You’ll have tons of machines to choose from and depending on how much money you want to spend and how often you’ll be using it, prices can range from hundreds to to many thousands of dollars.

If what you want is small and simple because you don’t expect to use it every day but rather just a few times a year to clear out your yard, you won’t want to pay tons of money for the biggest baddest machine on the market. But if you’re planning on using this in a landscaping or gardening business, you’ll want to invest in a higher end model that will be able to attack a larger variety of problems.

You also need to know what you’re going to be using it for. Different chippers handle different widths of branches and trunks. If you’re only going to be using this for general yard work and getting rid of a few branches every now and then you won’t need something more heavy-duty for taking out tree trunks entirely.

If you’d like multiple chutes on your machine, that’s another option to consider. There are chutes for chipping wood into fine pieces whereas other chutes can handle greener plant matter for mulching. Consider what you want besides something that just chops up wood.

An important factor that might slip your mind is how noisy your chipper is. Some aren’t as loud as others and it’s important to know what the regulations are in your neighborhood because you may get in trouble for creating too much noise if you go for one of the noisiest machines out there.

There’s lots to think about when purchasing a tree chipper, so consider your needs and wants carefully before making the final move.

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