Two Key Areas To Consider When Designing A New Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen, for lots of people the main area they would like to maximise could be the kitchen storage. For people who like a clean, sleek feel to their kitchen, lots of storage is an absolute must. It is very satisfying to be able to see clear worktops in a kitchen, with all the non-essential items hidden away tidily into a cabinet or drawer.

So as to make the best use of space in the corner of a kitchen, a carousel storage system provides an excellent solution. This type of system can utilise rotating shelves, which means you will no longer have the need to scrabble around in the back of the cupboard on your hands and knees trying to find something, instead the item will be easily accessible.

Yet another excellent kitchen storage solution is a pull out larder unit. These are great for storing both food and bottles in a tall kitchen unit and if it is fitted centrally, items may be accessed quickly and easily from both sides. Cutlery inserts are another must have for kitchens to help you to organise your kitchen utensils effectively. Most inserts are manufactured from either plastic or wood, so are durable and low maintenance.

Kitchen lights are another feature that are essential for all kitchens. The three main forms of lighting for a kitchen are; task, ambient and feature lights. As the kitchen is fundamentally a practical room, it is important to have sufficient lighting to be able to carry out specific tasks, predominantly cooking meals. However it’s also beneficial to provide suitable lighting to create a lovely ambience, as well as having a feature light as a focus for the kitchen. Getting the balance of all three sorts of lighting is important.

Kitchen lights can be bought to suit a large range of budgets and can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Classic wall lights, glamorous spotlights and trendy designer lights can all make a real difference to the feel of your kitchen after the natural day light has gone for the day. Under cabinet lights can be very useful for providing additional light when preparing the evening meal and trendy multi-coloured LED lights can provide an incredibly modern and contemporary feel.

When you need kitchen storage there is more info and products to browse including kitchen lights at the Fit4Kitchens site.

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