Types Of Roofing : Advice For Homeowners

As building techniques and engineering methods evolve, we are able to choose a continuously increasing range of materials to use on our homes. In the modern day, we have a vast range of options available to us. We can choose the exact style we want to get our houses not only looking the way we want, but also lasting for as long as possible.

Roofing comes in many forms and the type of roofing that suits your needs can only be determined after you have answered these five questions: What is your budget? How long do you want the roof to last? Are you prepared to carry out maintenance in the future? Which type suits the style of the property? And finally, what type do you like?

The type of roofing you can choose first and foremost comes down to the angle of your roof. A flat roof is defined as a roof with an incline where the lowest point is no less than three inches below the highest point. Flat roofs can be fitted with metal, gravel and tar, modified bitumen, rubber, foam or an eco-friendly grass and soil topping. Slanted or pitched roofs can have clay or concrete tiles, wood shingles, slate or synthetic slate tiles, or metal such as aluminum.

The material you decide on for pitched roofs depends on the considerations mentioned above, but to go into more detail, while some types such as wood shingles are cheap and easy to install, they are only expected to last for a maximum of fifteen to twenty years depending on the grade. This means you may have to replace the roofing at some point as it begins to deteriorate. This is one of the reasons, along with aesthetic beauty, some people choose longer lasting and much more expensive materials such as slate, which has an estimated lifespan of over one hundred years.

Some materials (such as metal and foam) can actually be used for flat and pitched roofs. Foam in particular has been increasing in popularity with home owners, builders and developers recently due to the low cost and high heat insulation ability of the material. As it can be applied very quickly and easily, and can be applied to any exterior surface, some people are also insulating the whole of the outside of their houses with it. Another very cheap and very popular type of roofing for flat roofs is tar and gravel or modified bitumen. This type of roofing is made up by creating layers of tar and other materials and then finished with an aggregate such as gravel.

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