Update Bathrooms With Corbett Lighting

Most real estate appraisers and agents will repeat the mantra ” kitchens and bathrooms sell homes”. And while this is true, the costs of a bathroom or kitchen remodel can be quite high (ranging from $10,000-$25,000 +) even though in a good market it will generally increases the value of your property. In a good real estate market, one can recoup 90% of their remodeling costs when they sell their home. Not a bad return on your money spent. However, I think we can all agree that the real esate market has taken a hit since the mortgage debacle surfaced in 2007, especially in the upper-middle priced homes $300,000-$500,000. This may cause you to rethink how much money you want to expend in remodeling or updating your bathrooms. Wondering if whirlpool tubs, heated floors and new ceramic showers are all worth it? Why not take a simpler approach with a can of paint and new LIGHTING FIXTURES? You’d be surprised how these two mediums can add to the ambiance and glamour of your bathroom, not to mention they are both cost-effective in today’s market and easy on your budget. While we all know what a can of paint costs, you can add a full line of new quality, designer lighting fixtures to your bathroom from Corbett Lighting Collections for under $3,000.00. Corbett Lighting offers over forty signature lighting collections to suit your decorating style from modern to traditional for your bathroom lighting.

Corbett Lighting is a renowned name for upper-end bathroom lighting fixtures and chandeliers to enhance your home décor. With classically individual designs that have been lighting some of the finest houses and estates in the country for over forty years, Corbett keeps establishing itself as a leader in the lighting design industry. Laser cut steel enhances the Olivia wall sconces and Murano glass accentuates the Venetian collection of chandeliers. These are just some examples of the fine materials used by Corbett to make some of their signature pieces such as bathroom lighting fixtures, wall sconces, and chandeliers to continuously create lighting that become keepsakes for generations. The artisans of Corbett Lighting display their committment to unique design and superior craftsmanship with the finest glassware, shades and natural materials to create true original works of art.

If you are more of a traditionalist, you may prefer the Montecito Collection. This collection evokes a warm classic mood and is handcrafted from iron, featuring a bronze finish with cream-colored shades. The Montecito Wall Sconce would be perfectly graced on both sides of the vanity mirror providing perfect task lighting for your everyday grooming. Retailing for approximately $350.00 each it has a perfect setting in an upper-middle priced home.

To compliment the wall sconce, Corbett Lighting offers a matching flush-mount fixture, which is well-suited for task lighting in the shower and commode. Using matching pieces from the Montecito collection in your bathroom will enhance a unified style and create an inviting haven. This fixture retails for approximately$600.00

And the grand touch to this collection is the single-tiered chandelier which will provide the ambient lighting you need in the bathroom. A stunning centerpiece guaranteed to grab the attention of all! It retails for approximately $1500.00. Whatever your style, Corbett Lighting Signature Collections has it! Updating your bathroom lighting has never been easier.

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