Using The Natural Compound Neem To Develop Potent Pesticides For Growers and Gardeners

The use of natural chemistry such as neem can help to kill pests without causing serious issues further down the line. If it is possible, it is always recommended to employ a natural solution in the place of a possibly harmful synthetic one.

Natural pesticides are designed to eradicate the pests in an alternative way to ones that are created from synthetic chemicals. For instance, many natural pesticides work at attacking and killing pests thru hormonally-based changes. Synthetic toxins will generally target the digestive systems or nervous systems of the insects. The problem with this is that over several generations the insects you are targeting can build a resistance and become immune to the poison. This is not the situation with natural substitutes such as neem based products.

The important components that eliminate the insects are referred to as limonoids, which work in an alternative way to synthetic pesticides. Insects aren’t killed right away, but are repelled and elininated steadily. This is through disrupting their reproductive cycle or stunting their development and growth, so it’s not something that genetic resistance can triumph over. It is more of a general and broadly-based solution, as it doesn’t zero in on a single part of the organism but interrupts its natural life cycle.

These natural insecticides are also noted for deterring pests from feeding on plants generally. The mere presence of neem insecticide is sometimes sufficient to stop insects from approaching plants in any way. Experience tells us that it is preferable to forestall problems from occuring instead of having to fix them after they have happened.

After utilizing neem based control agents over a period of two or three generations, the population of the pests can be reduced significantly. It has been shown that a mortality rate of over 90% can be attained. These insecticides can be a very potent yet non-invasive way to combat your pest issues. Here is a resource organic farmers may want to consider for a solution to their pest problems.

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