Using Various Styles Of Molding Within A Room

When remodeling a room, one of the main objectives is to make the room as aesthetically pleasing as possible. One of the elements used to achieve this goal is crown molding. Not only does crown molding offer a room style, but it also sets the tone of the room by naturally reflecting light, adding dimension to the room, and creating a look that is pleasing to the eye. The simple addition of architectural crown molding can transform the entire ambience of a room. It is commonly placed as a lining where the ceiling and wall meet; however, it can be used in furniture, such as bookshelves and desks, to add a certain elegance and appeal. Crown molding is also commonly placed on the tops of upper cabinets, whether they are in the kitchen, bath or perhaps an entertainment built-in. When crown is present on a cabinet and also on the wall the effect will create added dimension and a sense of layering within the room. While adding cabinet crown molding has benefits, the designer must be aware that over-coverage of crown molding will inevitably make the room feel smaller.

Various designs of architectural crown molding will achieve consistency of styles within the home. At times a designer should be advised to use a more fancy style of crown on cabinetry while using a more subdued version on the walls. Also, when choosing cabinet crown molding it could be advantageous to wrap an accent piece (such as a hood) in a larger crown and use smaller crown on the standard upper cabinets. Osborne Wood Products currently provides a wide selection of cabinet crown molding spanning from contemporary to traditional in numerous styles and wood types. Some of the more popular designs offered are the Acanthus Leaf and Basket Weave molding.

Another molding type which adds depth to a room is light rail molding. This is often used to conceal lights placed under upper cabinets, though is not limited to only serve that function. So, for the most part, the light rail molding is valuable because of its beautiful design which completes the look of the upper cabinets by diffusing the lighting underneath. To save the trouble of lining every inch of the molding up perfectly, it is recommended that the light rail molding not be recessed any less than one quarter of an inch. light rail molding usually is offered in two application styles, one style is used when the cabinetry is built in a European style (without face frames) and the other style is built for cabinetry that has face frames. It is important to understand the difference as they are installed differently.

light rail molding can range from a simple strip of molded wood to tall carved pieces that demand attention. While the function of the light rail is always achieved no matter what design is chosen, it is important to choose a complimenting design that will not look out of place and tie other elements, such as the crown molding, in.

Two of the styles that Osborne Wood Products offers in light rail molding are the Greek Key design and the Traditional Egg and Dart pattern. In the past, Greeks used molding as structural decoration that created ornamental effects with light and shadows. It was also used inside edifices to divide surfaces into smaller parts for visual interest. The Romans later took the Greek’s design and simplified it. The elliptical shape of the Egg & Dart design was transformed into a more circular shape which later on evolved into numerous other designs spanning from the more complex to the simple.

Understanding how to choose molding within a kitchen is a skill that is a skill achieved with precision and skill and only improved upon with experience. A designer may want to look through millwork catalogs to familiarize themselves with the different kinds and designs of wood molding.

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