VideoSecu PJ2W 1CA Projector Bracket: The Top Option For Class Or Home Theatre Room

You will need to have a projector bracket with high quality that is realized by how strong it is in sustaining the projector. If it is not strong enough, it could let fall the projector and stop your activity. In addition, it would be harmful for you if it crashes your body. We are sure that you don’t want to take those risks. Hence, make sure that you get the one with the best quality and sturdiness.

We advise the VideoSecu PJ2W 1CA for you due to the structure and features. You could take the following information to ensure you get ideas before you determine any projector bracket to order. Save your projector by installing the device with a reliable bracket with robust construction. This can indirectly support your presentation and entertainment at home theatre room.

This bracket is made with adaptable mounting system that you can use for some projector designs. The construction is made to suit any ceiling. This tool can be tilted and rolled to adjust one another. It is much easier if it is compared to the clumsier adjustments that are needed for ball-and-socket mounts. You could adjust the height between projector and the ceiling easily, from 16.9 to 25.6 inches.

It comes with an adjustable channel and ceiling plate. This allows the projector to be mounted at an adjustable height from the ceiling. The construction helps you adjust the swivel to move up or down, right or left to get an accurate display. The mounting interface comes with four double-jointed supporting arms which allow flexible positioning to reach nearly every mounting point of the projector.

Also, every arm could be positioned to avoid covering important projector ventilation and access points that are used for lamp and air filter replacement. This minimizes heat build-up and maximizes lamp life. Its solid design enables the mount to positively support the projector fixed at nearly any angle.

An additional specialty by using this bracket is that you won’t find any difficulty in the process of installation as this one is constructed with features to support easy installation. When you buy this tool, you can get extension poll. The extra extension adaptor is also included with mounting arms removable and extendable. For the maximum load, with robust steel design, this bracket can support projector with weight as much as 40 lbs, or equals to 20 kilos. Other features of this projector bracket are integrated cable management and exclusive anti-slip adjustment system.

To summarize, sturdy construction is essential for the appliances that are mounted to ceiling. It is for safety of the tool and you. As a projector is just not a low cost equipment you need to keep it very carefully, so the bracket should come with quality including the durability and structure. Ensure that your business presentation works well with this projector bracket. Finally, we concern the price as this is one essential factor to think about before one decides to purchase something. Without sacrificing the quality, you can get the VideoSecu PJ2W 1CA in reasonable price.

Before you determine the device to purchase, you can explore some information on projector mounts in our article concerning also ceiling mount projector. Thus you will probably find some ideas to get what you need.

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