Wall Fountains: Helping You Relax And Rejuvenate

Few things are as spectacular as home decor that includes fountains and water or even a huge metal and stone interior wall fountains in a reception or staircase. The sight of rushing water, cascading sound and light reflection is stimulating. Available in radiant colors from daring to refine, these handcrafted works can be painted with high quality powder coatings to create the effect you wish.

Artists are also available who can work the metal into individual bits of high quality and unique sculpture fountains. A couple of methods of working the metal apart from the standard frame shapes are hammering and patina art. With hammering the sculptor utilizes a hammer and chisel. Tiny dots are tapped in the metal, which when accomplished are connected in the mind’s eye to appear as whirls, flourishes and other fanciful designs moving over the frame surface.

With patina art the designer uses a torch to alter the shade of the metal. The metal is the canvas and the torch is the paintbrush. The paint color is how close or far the torch is from the metal. As the artist paints the metal with temperature they can change the colors made in the metal through shifting the heat source closer or far away from the metal. Angling the torch is much like angling a paintbrush; the edge of the flame creates a distinct color and line shape then a flame cone in the centre, which is the hottest point. Flame patina art may be more difficult than traditional painting because you cannot mix colors first like on a paint palette the colors have to be put on the metal as the art is being created.

If you are the sort of individual who revels in peace, wall fountains could be the perfect accessory for your house or office. The naturally soothing sound of running water causes a peaceful feeling, much like the feeling you get if you sit by a babbling stream or tune in to the distant echo of a waterfall. Because of this fountains such as water wall fountains usually figure in Feng Shui designs, which aim to position items in a way, which encourage positive energy inside a room. For those who experience trouble drifting off to staying asleep at night the water wall fountains can be a natural sleeping aid.

The constant moving water in wall fountains won’t just relax you with its water sound but will likewise rejuvenate you with negative ions and promote your well being. Breathing purer air actually promotes producing serotonin that is a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter in the brain. Greater serotonin can help you concentrate, multi-task, as well as socialize with boosted confidence and energy. Recent reports have further determined that mood enhancers such as wall mounted-fountains increase productivity at work. Obviously if nothing else, wall fountains can also be valued simply, as an aesthetic part of a room’s decor. Whether it’s for the home or office the wall fountain can become the focal point of the entire area tying up the overall look of the place.

Wall Fountains balance water and are designed to meet both your sensible and cosmetic purposes. Depending on your taste or available space, Water Wall Fountains are a popular style choice for gardens of all sizes.

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