What does the future hold for solar energy?

The energy crisis have made headlines in recent years, as have related issues such as carbon emissions and global warming. This has led to a more knowledgeable public as to what changes are needed with how we love our lives and use natural resources, energy especially.

World governments, and none more so than the US, have been looking at how solar energy could be used more rapidly and comprehensively. Homeowners are turned off from the idea of having solar panels installed due to the expense but this is expected to be resolved in the future with less expense and increased efficiency expected. There has already been a substantial reduction in cost over the last five years and proportionate gains have been made in efficiency.

Further changes, of a positive nature, are expected. There are discussions and developments being made at this time with regards to ways in which we can maximise the sun’s energy and these are coming on to the market. An example of one such method is drapes being installed which have silicon and which can capture sunlight as it passes through the window.

Solar is expected to be more prominent in our lives with more tasks and devices being made to draw from the sun’s energy. Solar transportation is seeing huge progress through solar boats and planes and the solar car is presently undergoing a series of experiments. We can further expect the solar high-speed train.

Solar has also been used to effect in the space race so has already proven to be extremely influential. However, the main benefit which the majority of people see is how it can aid in the global warming situation. It is increasingly significant with less and less fossil fuels being available so we need as much work done as possible to develop alternative supplies of energy. What isn’t in short supply is the potential that solar has which is why we can expect it to pervade numerous aspects of life. It is integral for the future of Earth.

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