What Is The Best Type Of Loft Conversion For Your Home?

Having a loft conversion is a great step and one that requires a lot of planning and thought. There is no matter whether you want to have your own gym or a king-sized bedroom, it is necessary to realize that the layout and size of your loft could differ in comparison with family or friends who have had a similar project completed. In fact, you can have smaller or larger space available in your loft than you have even expected. Depending on what you want to get, your loft builder will have to decide what type of conversion will meet all your needs.

You have to know that there are a number of different types of loft conversion and some of them are much more common and popular than others.

– Mansard conversions

These types of loft conversions are quite common in areas where space is at a premium like city centers because they require virtually no work to be done to the outside of the building. This means that planning permission and building regulations are kept to minimum as well as are not complicated. Mansards traditionally include windows and are built to the back of a property.

If you live in London, the chances are this will be the conversion recommended to you by your loft conversion specialist.

– Dormer extensions

If you live in a small property and fear that your loft is not enough to be converted, then a dormer extension is what you need. With a dormer extension even the smallest property could benefit from a loft conversion. As a rule, dormers conversions will be required to follow strict building regulations because there will be some work required to make a loft bigger which could affect the way the roof looks on the outside of the home.

Your loft conversion company has to explain you how dormer extensions work in more details as well as will present you detailed drawings of how the outside of your property will change.

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