What To Know Before Buying A Pole Pruner Saw

A pole pruner saw in an indispensable tool for any homeowner who has tall trees. All trees require pruning at one time or another, and it is always wise to use tools designed for the job. It would be foolish to attempt to prune branches high up with a hand saw while standing on a ladder.

High branches that need pruning or removing, dead branches or diseased wood are all candidates for this type of cutting tool. Most pole pruner combine a 12 to 16 inch saw blade and a lopper. The lopper, useful for smaller branches, operates by pulling on a rope that goes through a double pulley system for easier use.

When shopping for a pole pruner saw, look for one with a 12 inch curved heavy gauge steel saw blade that is rust resistant and has a teflon coating for easier cutting. You may want to look for one that can adjust the saw position for maximum leverage. The blade should be detachable, so it can be replaced if necessary at a later date. With a manual pole pruning saw, you will be limited to cutting branches around an inch in diameter.

The best pole pruning saws will feature a telescoping pole that can be extended to 12 feet and locked in place. Either aluminum or fiberglass are available, with the fiberglass poles being stronger and lighter.

Electric pole pruning saws are also available. They are much easier to use, and have the benefit of cutting larger branches, up to 6 inches in size. These are small chain saws with an electric motor, mounted onto a fiberglass pole. The mini chain saw can be easily detached so that it can also be use as a small hand held chain saw.

Always use safety glasses and wear a hard hat when pruning overhead. You will find that it is difficult to position the saw for cutting in a very leafy canopy, since positioning something at the end of a 12 foot pole takes some practice. Until you are used to using a pole pruner saw, your every movement will seem magnified, and only experience will make it easier.

Make yard work easy again – get yourself a Pole Pruner Saw.

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