What To Look For In Kitchen Blinds?

One of the most neglected window treatments in many homes has to be kitchen blinds. While picking the perfect curtains or blinds for the living room or bed room can take many long hours of decision making, the lowly kitchen is treated as an afterthought. Last minute decisions are made about what to use as window dressing and few homeowners care to take a long time to pick the best kitchen blinds. Maybe they aren’t as passionate about cooking as other things, and therefore don’t intend to spend as much time in the kitchen.

But those who are engaged in cooking will necessarily have to spend a lot of time in it. The time and effort invested into installing the best appliances in your kitchen, and decorating it by theme, is well worth spending. Rugby fans sometimes have the entire room done up with rugby accessories. Similarly, tennis fans may design a tennis themed kitchen. Blinds in these kitchens will often garner more attention, and the end result is a good match with the rest of the house.

Doing up kitchens with old and rare sports or music memorabilia is an expensive proposition and not all people can spend that much money on their cooking areas. But, using a little time to research and buy good quality blinds that match the room’s interiors and which can be maintained easily is possible for anyone.

If your home is a family-sized kitchen, it becomes an important area as members of the family spend time socializing and taking meals. To keep your kitchen private, install vertical blinds. If that isn’t a core issue, then get horizontal venetian blinds which will serve your purpose well.

Kitchen areas become dirty because of the oily fumes and grease. Kitchen blinds can get dirty easily and will need to be maintained carefully. Be sure to pick kitchen blinds that can be cleaned easily. Also select colors that don’t show up dirt easily. Be sure that the blinds can be taken off and restored after cleaning.

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19 Responses to What To Look For In Kitchen Blinds?

  1. Valentina Camacho says:

    I completely agree!! Kitchen blonds would definitely be an afterthought for me, before reading this article. However with a new marriage a new house and a baby on its way, I am taking more time to notice these details that make a huge impact on the aesthetics of a home. I’m big on cooking and I want a warm and cozy kitchen. Thanks!!

  2. Inna C. says:

    Sometimes, these little details make your house a home. Well-lit and aesthetically pleasing kitchens liven up the mornings I spend preparing food for the family. Our kitchen has become a haven, inviting participation from family members to cook, eat together and maintain its cleanliness – all because I decided to install blinds.

  3. Guillaume Lavoie says:

    We forgot in this post a very important detail concerning kitchen blinds which is the color. A good color matching of walls , decorations and blinds could really improve a kitchen. It also has an impact on your mood!

    • ContractorGuy says:

      You’re right, color is a very important detail. Perhaps I will edit this article soon and add some segments about that. Thanks for visiting and commenting Guillaume!

  4. Katherine A. says:

    I agree with this article 100%. I feel like our kitchen blinds are also neglected. I bake and cook most of the time, especially when my relatives are around. I spend a lot of my time there so I notice the blinds whenever I’m waiting for a cookie or muffin to be cooked. When I looked closely, it had stains that must have been months old. So, I recently just told my mum about getting new ones. I suggested that she should buy vertical blinds for privacy, just as you suggested. Thank you, ContractorGuy!

  5. Kristian X. says:

    Deciding kitchen blinds seems easy at first, but I found it the hardest. I changed them many times since I didn’t like it. At first, I used a thick dark kitchen blinds but it really disturb the lights especially sunlight. Now I plan to use horizontal venetian blinds and it hope it will go to my liking.

  6. Martha A. says:

    My mom and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but we’ve never thought about looking at the specifics of kitchen blinds. This article really helped us pick out the right blinds to install in our kitchen. Now we’ve installed vertical blinds to maintain a sense of privacy in our kitchen as well.

  7. Jeff Tochterman says:

    It’d be awesome if there was some sort of a system to make blinds super easy to clean. Like if they were easily removable and re-attachable. And they could just be slipped into and out of a cleaning mechanism that was specially made for the blinds. Does such a thing exist?

  8. David Beemer says:

    Frankly, as someone who appreciates instructions that facilitate interior design decisions, i am disappointed at the lack of specificity and/or clarity of information offered, here. i was expecting, for example, better organization of information provided and more detailed explanations with a broader array of color and pattern choices available. How/where does one begin to evaluate the space and how should window treatments fit into the overall scheme? When should blinds be used to ‘accent’ vs ‘tone down’ lighting in the kitchen, etc.?

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Hi David, appreciate your feedback. You sound like a real expert on this subject! I don’t claim to be an expert on kitchen blinds, but just offering some basic tips here that I hope some may find useful. I will consider however expanding on this article soon – or even writing a separate article to address details you point out. Also, the Home Contractors Blog is currently seeking great writers, so we definitely invite you to write for us and share your unique style, viewpoints and insight with our growing audience. Feel free to contact us through our contact form. Thanks again for visiting and commenting!

  9. Humberto Garcia says:

    Evidently, kitchen blinds are part of a general decoration and will definitely give a more personal touch if selected carefully. However, I am not sure to think that shopping for blinds is a task that requires hours of dedication. The recommendations the article provides in what type of blinds to get, will help to make the purchase simple.

  10. arvi P. says:

    Oh. thank you very much for giving me the ideas. At first, i think binds are only best on offices and for living rooms and having a kitchen blind does not make any sense to me. But reading your write up made me realize it is really indeed a way to enjoy every private moment with my family. We can avoid any distractions from the outside while cooking or making meal!. I also love the fact that it made my kitchen look very classy than any other kitchens i have seen before 🙂 vertical blinds also is the best way to have an easy to clean my elegant blinds in the kitchen!

  11. Bell says:

    Thanks for the info! Mom and I really love cooking so kitchen blinds is a must. We just buy a house and starting to move in but have a hard time choosing what is best for our new home. It’s a great help!

  12. manimohan says:

    This is absolutely correct. In these days kitchen is more important because our day starts from here from making the first cup of tea, choosing the best blind for our kitchen is more important, it gives best look also

  13. azil says:

    I agree to this post. I love cooking and my favorite place in the house is the kitchen. I don’t like disturbance in my cooking so I need blinds for my kitchen.

  14. Jane S. says:

    I completely agree that some people overlook kitchen blinds and I think I am one of those people. I have horizontal blinds installed in my kitchen just because I have the same blinds for the rest of the house. Now I am looking at my kitchen blinds and I never noticed it before, there are a lot of stains on them and that doesn’t look nice. You pointed out a very good point about picking blinds that can be cleaned easily. I think it’s time for me to change my kitchen blinds….

  15. Connie C. says:

    I couldn’t agree more! My husband and I initially settled with affordable, flimsy blinds and within a month we had to change them already. Just like you said, we got opaque vertical blinds to maintain privacy and complement our modern decor aesthetic. It was the perfect solution for us.

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