What To Watch For When Buying a Log Cabin Kit

When looking to purchase a log cabin kit, some easily overlooked mistakes can make a big difference in the progress of your project. When shopping for a log home kit, here are 3 snags to watch out for. Just go in with your eyes open wide and be aware of these potential pitfalls.

1. If you like the first log cabin kit company you talk with, beware! You need to open some other options with at least a couple of other log home companies before deciding. Then once you have done your “due diligence”, you will be in a much stronger position to zero in on the perfect company to meet your goals. That will make your project go much better than if you just pick the first company you run into.

2. It is important for you to ask for at least three references from the log cabin kit company. If those references are not within a couple of years ago or sooner, ask for more recent ones. Once you get those, make sure to follow-up on them. Ask the references specific questions that are important to you — Is the company reliable? Did they deliver on time? What did you not like about them? Dig more than just giving the references easy yes and no questions.

3. Determine the degree of involvement you want in building your dream cabin. Do you want a complete do-it-yourself log cabin kit or do you want a company who can provide or recommend a builder to help or to handle some or all of it? Make sure you and the log cabin kit company spell this out in great detail before starting or there might be some major misunderstandings to work through as you progress. It is important that you have the level of support that you need but that you also have the ability to tackle some of the project yourself if you want to. Making sure that is clear from the beginning will save you from uncomfortable discussions when the construction is underway.

Face these three issues in the beginning and you can rest easy knowing that you have made some wise decisions in an environment filled with dreamy hopes. Make sure your log cabin kit company knows that you are going into your purchase with your eyes wide open and you will be treated with the respect that you should. With that awareness during the building project you will some day be able to look back at the entire experience with great pride.

Authors Jim Smith & Cindy Smith built their dream vacation log home using a do-it-yourself log cabin kit. Now they welcome aspiring log home builders to visit their website filled with tips and articles for those wanting their own do-it-yourself log cabin kit memories.

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