When Calling Around For Carpet Cleaning Buffalo, Do They Have Good Phone Manners?

Proper Phone Manners Are A Must When Calling For Carpet Cleaning Buffalo

An old saying about meeting people for the first time says you only have one chance to make a good impression. Although this advice may have initially been directed at job applicants prior to an interview or nervous young men meeting their potential in-laws for the first time, it is equally applicable to employees answering the company phone. As in any meeting where one wants to make a good impression, and a telephone contact is very much a meeting, it is vital to have proper phone manners.

Marketing experts will tell you that anyone answering a company telephone, whether they realize it or not, become part of the advertising and marketing departments. Most have experienced a call being answered by an unenthusiastic, disinterested and sometimes incoherent employee. This could be with a major organization like a national chain store or high street bank, or it can happen with a local pizza outlet, or carpet cleaning service. It does not matter where, the fact remains that this does not send a positive image or install confidence to the person on the other end of the line.

Business owners and managers need to be aware that the person answering company calls may require more knowledge and training than merely which button to press and a list of extensions. This starts with thorough induction training which provides a sound understanding of the purpose and functioning of the whole company.
Remember that every incoming call is a potential sale so product knowledge is particularly important. The function and purpose of each department is also vital if callers are to be directed to the appropriate area. Someone wanting to pay an invoice for goods received more than likely wants to be connected to finance and not the warehouse.

Practical know how as to how the phone system actually works is often an area which requires attention. A caller disconnected due to some wayward button pressing or who drops the call due to excessive waiting, may easily decide to move on to the next supplier in the phone book or internet search results. Scenes of staff frantically pressing every button until one works may be funny on a TV sitcom but in reality it is bad for business.

Skills and knowledge are important, but it is also necessary to consider tone and voice. It is easy to pick up moods and attitudes over the phone, most likely through the initial greeting. Voice coaches talk about speaking with a smile in your voice. This may sound like drama class material but it is very true. Disinterest, boredom, anger, even what one thinks are suppressed emotions, may easily be detected through tone and patterns of speech.

Carpet cleaner buffalo staff may be totally unaware of the way they come across to others on the telephone. One way to overcome this is to start a buddy system through which colleagues provide each other with honest and objective feedback about their style and habits on the phone. As well as putting a smile back into voices, it can be good fun and may also put a smile on faces.

The telephone is a window into the company through which all existing and potential customers can see. Having proper phone manners has a positive effect on business and of course profits.

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