Why A Plumber Is Needed


A plumber is a tradesperson trained in the installation and maintenance of water, drainage and sewerage systems.

These handymen can be found in virtually every country around the world. Their job is invaluable to the modern world, particularly in urban centers where the systems they deal with are essential for life to run smoothly.

These handymen need years of training and experience in order to qualify for running a solo business. Many countries around the world have accredited institutions that offer training in this profession.

It is generally the case that after graduating, one has to work as an apprentice under a more experienced person, sometimes for years, before establishing their own practice.

Veins and arteries can sometimes block, leading to seizures, strokes, even death. Water supply and drainage systems can also do the same thing. This can lead to bad smells and disease. This is particularly so when sewer systems fail. These may need repairs or replacement.

Simple repair is the cheaper and less invasive option. Usually, only the location needing repair needs to be dug up. However, the problem is if one part of the sewer has failed, then other parts will follow sooner or later. While expensive, it is usually better to replace the entire sewer line.

This is also cheaper in the long run. The process of digging up parts of the line, covering then repeating the procedure for other bits can eventually turn out to be even more expensive.

Since sewer line replacement can be so expensive, some insurance companies offer packages designed to diminish the costs.

A plumber also takes care of blocked drainage. This can be as a result of grease, hair, or grit. There are a variety of homemade solutions to handle these, but the problem can sometimes be tough enough to necessitate calling in a professional. They can then unblock these using chemical or mechanical means.

A professional plumber will assist you with plumbing maintenance, repair, and anything else plumbing related.

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20 Responses to Why A Plumber Is Needed

  1. bill394 says:

    Plumbers and the other handymen are the backbone of civilization. They are the ones who brave into our kitchen sinks and the insides of our houses to remove those hairballs and unplug those rat kings and basically do the dirty work we cannot and refuse to do. They are essential in making every small town to every major city basically function. Without them, our dwelling places may submerge into filth unless, of course, people try to learn what they already know but seeing that most people refuse to do it, then we are left to their mercy. We owe a lot to these people. They deserve our respect and appreciation. Thus, I couldn’t agree more to the part where it’s said, “Their job is invaluable to the modern world, particularly in urban centers where the systems they deal with are essential for life to run smoothly.”

  2. Clarence Garay says:

    I’m a great do-it-yourselfer and don’t mind getting my hands dirty but when things get out of hand it is certainly worth one’s while to call a pro. I always prefer to be there and watch them work…if I can.. so I can also learn myself but it always helps to keep them (the pros) professional.

  3. aede says:

    I agree… plumbing is a profession in its own right. It is not one of the things that a regular handy man can just take up on when something got wrong in the house. My neighbor friend who never went to college took a vocational course in this, and he once related to me how the training was not just about learning how to do this and that. They had to study some technical stuffs, too, like chemistry or physics concepts, and something like that. Plumbers are much more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the pipe systems. Any husband who can fix things would attest to that.

  4. Li says:

    True …a plumber is important for us, especialy for woman like me who don’t understand how to handle blocked drainage and often must facing the problem that there is no one man at home whose can help my problem. I can’t imagine how can I leave my house with leaky faucet. Handymen is important for home problem solver, they are a professional workers.

  5. Abigail Sincere says:

    I’ve always been someone who believes that getting the right or professional opinion, even if its sometimes more expensive, is better than than having someone muck around and maybe cause more damage! As a woman living alone, this definitely affirms my view on calling in the big guns (a pro) instead of letting my dad or my man fiddle with the problem.

  6. Britt says:

    We do a lot of DIY work around the home, but plumbing is something I wouldn’t touch. Way too much potential for breaking things and causing more issues (and costs) than just hiring a plumber to begin with! I had no idea plumbers could help with sewer system failures too.

  7. Andy Raga says:

    It’s tough if you have to do the fixing yourself especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Plumbers have the expertise to ensure that the job gets done right.

  8. InspiredHomeMaker says:

    Although it seems like you can learn anything on Youtube these days, I do believe in and respect the training and experience that a professional plumber can offer. My husband is very handy and has done a few minor plumbing jobs around the house himself. But even he knows when to call in a pro. Plumbing issues can be a serious nightmare – we know from experience! However, there is a legitimate and widespread fear of landing on someone untrustworthy who will overcharge for the job!

  9. Meiko says:

    Unblocking drainage with strong chemicals is definitely a job best left to a plumber. Those chemicals can really stink up the joint.

  10. Luc says:

    Your advice to check for licensing and insurance should not be ignored! A reputable trades person is worth it – there are way too many horror stories of unskilled handyman work leading to major repairs.

  11. Rahul says:

    It is true, plumbers are regularly needed. Although many times the tasks look simple, it is necessary to call in a professional handyman as sometimes experiance or power tools are needed. Recenly my apartment had a mini flood, caused due to blockage of washing machine drain. Pump was needed to clear out all the water.

  12. shishir saxena says:

    I would consider calling in professional plumber than opting for a stop gap arrangement as my experience has taught me that a stitch in time saves nine. Further it requires skills to deliver which apparently most layman dont possess. A helpful read.

  13. Deidre-Ann says:

    Many people in this generation believe that they are fully equipped themselves to take on all the repairs needed at home, and though this may be true so some minor home repairs, plumbing is definitely not one of them. I love the comparison of the job a plumber does to that of a heart surgeon as that completely drove home the importance of using a professional plumber. I agree that this is definitely a good read!

  14. Hanie says:

    Usually when I hear the word ‘plumber’ that imge of fixing the kitchen sink would appear. Honestly it never occurred to me what I might do if the sewer system failed. Usually I have the simple unclogging down myself, but I think if that were to happen to me I’d definitely be calling a professional! Thanks for expanding my viewpoint.

  15. Sam says:

    I agree that a plumber is definetly needed in most cases! No one should ever try to do something by themselves because it might break the entire installation.

  16. Phil Wonders says:

    In this busy world, it is really a great help if we could ask someone to help us, especially in troubles. And better yet, call someone who is expert on that field so that efforts wouldn’t be wasted.

  17. Glorene Felix says:

    I like the analogy of the blocked veins and arteries. I guess anybody who reads this blog who may not know the ins and outs of a plumbing system would easily understand how things work. I am planning to move to a new apartment later this year and reading your blog, I think I have to put ‘plumbing system’ as one of the things I need to check before I commit to a new place. Definitely a good read! thanks!

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