Why Everyone Should Save Money On Heating Bills With DIY Sash Window Insulation

It is that time of year again when the temperature starts to drop and the wind speed starts to rise. People who have sash windows on their house will no doubt be aware of this already. The low temperatures and high winds make any gap in a door or window very apparent. So when better to save money on heating bills with DIY sash window insulation.

Nobody no matter who they are wants to lose heat from their home when they do not have to. Especially as the cost of energy always seems to be increasing. If you have sash windows then the chances are that heat is escaping. Windows along with doors are the number one way the your home loses its warmth.

You may think that filling these gaps would have little effect on the warmth of your house and your energy bills. This relatively small job will give you a significant improvement. You will feel an improvement when next to the windows immediately. You will also see a drop in your heating bill.

If you are unsure whether or not you have draughty windows and should have them insulated there are some things you can do to check. On a windy day just hold up your hand with palm facing the window frame. Move it around the whole frame and any draught should be easily felt. Another way to check is to hold a lit match up to the frame. If the flame is consistently blown away from the glass or even goes out then there is a draught.

While this is quite a complex job to do yourself it is possible. If you are used to working with your hands and with tools then you should be okay. Before you start you will need to purchase a kit. These can be bought from any hardware store. Remember to measure the window so you can get the appropriate kit.

When you start you have to remove any outer casing or mouldings around the window. This is to allow you to remove the lower part of the window. With the lower part taken out you can then fit whichever method of insulation you have chosen. Once the seals have been fitted all that remains is to fit everything back together.

Obviously it is not quite that easy. You should find a more detailed guide online when attempting to do this. Unless you completely confident of doing a successful job do not try it. Instead of saving money on your heating bills you could end up creating a bigger problem that will cost you more.

You can really save on your electricity bill with sash window draught proofing. Get exclusive inside information now in our super sash window refurbishment review.

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