Why Metal Roofs Are The Best

With the ever changing weather and building styles, it has become a necessity to provide sturdy and weather-proof roofing for homes and other structures. Manufacturers have begun experimenting with different materials to come up with the next best roof and roofing systems. So far, metal roofs are still the popular choice for roofs in the market.

Unlike tiles and shingles that are usually made of asphalt, metal roofs are much more hardy. They can withstand the elements including heavy winds, rain, snow, heat and hail. It is also fire resistant, whether natural or man-made.

Metal is also a good material that reflects heat from or into homes. It can keep a home cooler or warmer depending on your preference and can help you save on your electric bill by as much as twenty percent.

With a four way interlocking system that is not present in other roofing materials, it keeps all four sides of the shingles interconnected. Most of the older and more conventional roofing systems can only link up to three at a time. This gives it a much better chance to endure for longer periods. It also keeps the rays of the sun as well as the heat out.

Adding to its durability is the fact that it can accommodate several layers of paint. Layers include metallic and polymer coatings. The coating keeps it protected and corrosion free. It also provides you with the flexibility in choosing the colors and shades you would want to complement the colors of your exteriors. Though color fading is bound to happen with time, polymers make it easy to maintain and keep the roof looking like new by just spraying it down with water.

The use of metal roofing also increases the value of the home as it helps reduce your energy expenses and can last a lifetime. These two factors may be some of the important selling points of your home in the event you decide to put it on the market. House hunters will appreciate that they can feel safe in a house that will shelter them from extreme weather conditions. Subsequently, they will not have to worry about roof repairs for many years.

What makes metal roofing even more popular is that it is very simple to install. It can easily be laid over the old roofs thus eliminating the costly expense and effort of having to remove and tear down old tiles so that you can lay down new ones.

With its heavy duty, long-lasting, trouble-free and color adaptable appeal, It is no wonder that more and more homeowners and builders have made the switch to the reliable and resilient metal roofing.

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