Wood Bed Blueprints – Points To Consider In Developing A DIY Bed

Often find yourself annoyed using the squeaking sound you hear with your metal bed? A wood bedframe is sure to help you to get eliminate this dilemma. By making use of good wood bed plans, it is possible to build one by yourself and eliminate the exorbitant price usually associated with this type of bedframes.

Quality wood bedframes could be pretty expensive in the event you compare it to other kinds of bed frames. And rightly so. Any additional cost can be the price of your restful sleep as quality wood frames doesn’t have those rickety sounds of metal frames.

This is why, I’ve decided to build my own bed during the weekends several months ago. Not only was I able to save on the labor cost, I was also able customize my bed to my preferred specification and I am assured of its quality as well since I was the who built and choose the materials used.

However, if you are looking to do the same thing that I did, there are some aspects of wood bed building that you need to keep in mind. These are:


You have to decide which kind of wood you will use. In order to go for quality, I strongly suggest you have sturdy kinds of wood like cedar, redwood or other types of hardwood. Also note that it’s appropriate to make use of bolts and screw to install aspects of the bed together.

In terms of tools, you will likely need to use some basic tools like saw and drill. If you want to go for fancier design for your headboard perhaps, then you will need some special woodworking tools for this purpose.


The size of the bed is an important aspect which you need to determine early on – way before the building process. Knowing the dimension and measurements of the bed will help you determine how much of the materials you are going to need. Additionally, you need to make sure that you have the space in your room should you wish to build a bigger bed.

Wood Bed Plans

Choosing quality diy wood bed because of this project is obviously one step toward the successful completing your wood bed. It helps inside procurement with the materials having its complete materials list.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t be groping after dark as the layout and size is all provided. You’ll just need to make minor changes should you would like a more customized size for the bed. And all sorts of the instructions can also be laid out for you. All you’ll need is implementation. A huge way to save time, if you ask me.

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