Works Reasonably Well

It’s been working perfectly several days now and has been invaluable in diagnosing a refrigerator issue. From here forward, Amazon will be a product research tool and a recommending system, but I will be cultivating other vendors for the actual transaction. By the time the technician got out here 5 days after the call for service it started working so he couldn’t find the problem. During cold weather, our garage temp dipped and the fridge temp had dropped to 33 degrees.

Constant error message on the LCD readout, constantly necessary to “reset”; then after about 3 days total failure. However, since we do go out to the garage often (at least once a day), it’s better than not having the alarm. With Prime and the right settings, Amazon has the potential to deliver convenience, where I would define convenience as the lack of frustration and wasted heartbeats. Initially it didn’t cool off fast enough for the monitor and the alarms went off while set at the factory defaults.

After waiting an hour, the freezer temp showed 52F and the refrigerator finally registered but showed a temp of 67F. This is a joke. Can’t say what peace of mind this brought just knowing if my food will be safe or not.

This means, unfortunately, that I now have four rather pricey lithium batteries for which I have no real use. When I inserted the batteries in the remote sensors one immediately got hot and started smelling burned. The transmitters can either clip to a shelf or stick to a wall using the attached suction cups. It takes a while to update. Over the course of several hours we changed the location of the receiver and sensors, and I even went out and purchased a new set of batteries (at nearly $10.00 for a 4-pack of lithium AAs).

The alarm isn’t going to help you much if you’re not there the day the fridge goes bad. This could be a problem if the batteries got too weak or if something got in the way of the signal (such as metal pots and pans).

Anyway everything worked fine, I had the base located on the wall midway between the 2 freezers, one out in the garage and the other in the kitchen, both about 15 feet away and the one in the garage had to transmit through the wall as well. Every now and then, we get an E indicating error on the display and must reset the unit to get it to work again. Piece of junk.

I bought the Chaney Wireless after losing an entire beef due to my freezer losing power. Having the alarm feature is handy to warn if there are any problems with the fridge/freezer.

I search the Internet with their part number and Amazon popped up on top of the list and showed the best price from one of its partners. The battery receptacles are not precise, so proper contact is not always certain. I use one of those in my house and another in my RV. It took a few attempts to get the temperature settings correct and I know the alarm works.

After a few days I started getting an error code (“E”) so I pulled the batteries out of the base unit to reset it check this out now.

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