Yard Water Care That Is Safe And Effective

For those nature lovers who have a yard with features such as fountain or koi pond, maintaining safe water is a high priority. Here are some products that will keep water quality high without using any toxins that can be harmful to wildlife, pets and humans.

Because it contains live animals, a koi pond must have clean, well-maintained water. Using the AquaLily Water Cleaner can make this easy and safe. The cleaner, which is shaped like a flower on a lily pad, contains natural bacteria that will safely keep water clean for 30 days. After 30 days are up, simply take out your AquaLily and add a new bacteria pack. It is that simple and will keep up to 2,500 gallons of water clean and fresh.

You can also opt for the AquaSpherePro, which is biodegradable and also releases safe, effective bacteria into the water keeping it clean and fresh. There are smaller AquaSpheres for ponds up to 1,000 gallons and larger ones that are meant for ponds up to 12,500 gallons in size. If you have a larger pond, just add a few more spheres.

If you have a fountain, there are a couple of different products to consider. Healthy Ponds produces two different products. One is simply called a Fountain Water Cleaner and comes with dispenser and four bacteria refill packs. Every 30 days, you simply add a new pack and return it to your fountain. Helpful bacteria in the packs keep water safe for birds and other wildlife.

Blast is another product option, and this product speeds up the decomposition of unwanted organic matter in fountains, koi ponds and other water features. Blast can be used in conjunction with the AquaLily or the AquaSphere and is a great way to deal with seasonal temperature spikes. Healthy Ponds also produces a product for bird baths that will keep this water feature clean and free of mineral deposits, organic build up and stains.

Each product has been approved by veterinarians and is safe for people, wildlife and pets. By using safe, natural bacteria to keep water clean, you won’t have to worry about chemicals that can harm your family or pets.

It is a good idea to empty and scrub items such as a bird bath or fountain prior to your first use with any of these products. Just use water and a scrub brush, as soaps and cleaners can be harmful to animals. After you have the water feature clean, fill it with clean water and add your bacteria pack. Don’t forget to add a refill pack after 30 days. Other than that, keeping water safe and clean has never been easier.

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