You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – Without Toxic Solutions

Get Rid Of Bed BugsGetting out of bed and discovering an itchy red rash or welts on areas of your body is not a pleasant experience but learning that the cause of the itch is bed bugs can be even more unpleasant.

Frequently individuals are mortified and feel that they themselves and their home is dirty. This is just not always the case. The fact is that the numbers of bed bugs have increased vastly over the last 2-3 years and more and more homes, hospitals, care homes, hotels etc. are becoming plagued.

How do you Get rid of bed bugs This is the burning question for anyone finding an infestation in their home. In many cases the initial reaction is to pick up the telephone and call in professional exterminators.

It is possible to get rid of the bed bugs by doing the job yourself, without the use of toxic chemicals. It does mean that you will have to put in a bit of time and energy but it will be worth while in order to rid the problem. Most importantly you must start treatment to get rid of the bed bugs as swiftly as possible to stop the infestation from spreading and getting out of control!

7 Steps To Help You Get Rid of Bed Bugs


1. The first thing to do is to de-clutter the room, remove bedding, clothing, shoes etc. which may be infected. Place all these belongings in sealed plastic bags before you remove them from the affected room. To get rid of bedbugs you it is mandatory to dispose of clutter.

2. Machine launder as many items as you possibly can on as hot a wash as possible. Having washed and dried these items put them once again into clean, sealed plastic bags to prevent re-infection, then clean the room form top to bottom.

3. Bed bugs will take cover in all sorts of obscure places. Get rid of magazines, newspapers and anything else which is sitting around. Bag them in sealed bags and get rid of them.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner to methodically vacuum the whole room including furniture, curtains, mattresses, box springs etc. This should help to eliminate a lot of the eggs and nymphs as well as any adult bed bugs.

5. Ensure that you get into any cracks and crevices by using the extension tools that come along with most vacuum cleaners. Be sure to empty your vacuum cleaner right away into a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it ~ Quick!

6. A steam cleaner is a great follow up to the vacuum. Repeat the whole process systematically with this in order to exterminate any remaining eggs, nymphs and bugs.

7. Lastly, as a sort of “insurance policy” to make sure you do get rid of bed bugs, spray the room with a green bed bug solution – or in other words a natural bed bug solution – such as Bed Bug Bully or other product.

I say a natural bed bug spray because traditional insecticides can be very toxic and are not ideal in a home, especially where there may be children and pets. Bedbugs are an utter nuisance and health hazard. Hopefully these tips will help you to get rid of bedbugs quick, fast and in a hurry!

Okay now sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite;)

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22 Responses to You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – Without Toxic Solutions

  1. Patricia B says:

    This looks like a lot of work, but I believe it’s actually more practical to do it yourself. That way, you’d clean all possible places for these bedbugs to go to (and clean up your stuff while you’re at it! :D) And I agree, it’s the kids and the pets that suffer when we resort to exterminators right away. Thanks for this article! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. dianatan says:

    This is a good article on how to get rid of bed bugs yourself without the use of toxic chemicals. I might just apply some of the tips mentioned in this post. Thanks!

  3. Joseph Shaw says:

    I would also suggest repeating this procedure in the rooms adjacent to the bedroom. If any of the bugs escaped, they could infect those areas as well. Eventually, they’ll go back into your bedroom, and you’ll have to clean it again.

  4. Cris says:

    Thank you for the information! I live in a tropical area and we do get bugs spite of regular cleaning, I will try the green bed bug spray instead. The regular ones have a strong and unpleasent smell in top of beeing toxic.

  5. Katie Leanne says:

    Bed Bugs are incredibly scary to live with! I’m happy there’s still people out there who are educating the public and taking the right precautions to get ride of them. Well done!

  6. PaigeM says:

    I wish I saw this article a few years ago. I had bed bugs in a little bachelor apartment I was living in and the disaster and chaos that ensued while trying to get rid of them was almost enough to just move out. The step by step outline is extremely helpful and being a person who tries to eat organic and be generally environmentally friendly – I appreciate this approach!

  7. Addie says:

    I didn’t know there were non-toxic options like that. This article was informative and helpful.

  8. David says:

    Bed bugs are frightening. I heard essential oils from herbs like Tea tree and rosemary are an effective treatment for skin irritations and ridding your household of the buggers.

  9. Catherine Gibson says:

    Bed bugs are the absolute worst – we had some at my old building and the entire apartment had to basically be shut down. I didn’t even think about stuff like this before! I don’t know if it needs to be organic, but good tips. Thanks!

  10. Aloisa De Gala says:

    This is the best solution,not even moving out could be a better solution (unless you leave everything behind as in everything even your clothes), because if you use chemicals but failed to kill even one last bed bug it would start all over again with the infestation. And using chemical may not only bring harm to the bed bugs but also to the occupant of the house (allergic reaction been there and it’s the worst)Everything takes time and effort,but it is worth it. Thanks

  11. Mark Sheldon says:

    It seems to me that your room will get cluttered again so this process may need to be repeated. Organic is a term here that just seems to be a selling gimmick as I believe that a non-toxic spray and leaving the windows open for an hour may be just as effective. I believe that these seven steps should be a part of spring cleaning so that your bed will be fresh for a whole year.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for you comment. Organic, non-toxic whatever you want to call it, it’s just safer and more “home-friendly” to use pest solutions that aren’t harmful to your health or to the health of your loved ones. No gimmick in that.

  12. Ryan Schneider says:

    I saw a story online (NBC News, I think…) about a 5-star hotel in Manhattan where a couple had stayed in a room with bedbugs. The woman had bites all over her arms in the morning. My mom is always saying to check the mattress corners and all around under the sheets whenever we check into a hotel room for the first time. Does anyone know where bedbugs come from in the first place? Are green cleaners truly effective? No one wants to go through this whole procedure a second time.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Thanks for your comment Ryan. Green cleaners have been known to be effective in many cases, but of course nothing is always 100%. Multiple and ongoing procedures may be necessary.

  13. Rawan says:

    I’ve actually had this issue recently before reading this article and sprayed the house with the typical toxic chemicals. I now regret using those chemicals because of the effects I learnt those sprays could have on kinds and pets in general. Thanks for the tips I’ll keep them in mind if there is a next time!

  14. Ilhan W says:

    I am fully in support of the opinion that killing bedbugs need not be toxic. In fact using the methods described in this blog has less chances of re-emergence of the bedbugs as opposed to using toxic products.

  15. ashmita chatterjee says:

    I agree that bed bugs are utter nuisance. This is an amazing article on how to get rid of bed bugs right away. I am going to try all the 7 steps today itself. Thanks for this life saving tips,

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