You Can Have Fresh Dry Air Too With The Best Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can be described as an air conditioner meant to promote the right moisture content in the air. Dehumidifiers work by pulling humid air in from the room and moving it over a cold coil. Condensation then forms on the coil and drops into a collection bucket. When buying one, you would obviously want to choose the best. However, the best dehumidifier is determined by various factors and not a given brand name.

The room size that you’ll be using the dehumidifier in is the first thing to consider. You want to make sure you get a large enough unit to handle the room size and the condition of the room. It’s important too to consider the relative humidity levels in your area. You should try to match the humidity conditions in your home with the capacity of the dehumidifier.

Different rooms in your house may even have different relative humidity levels when compared to others. You can usually expect your basement to be the most humid room in the house. This might also be the case in different rooms within the same house. With a portable dehumidifier you can easily move it around to different rooms of your house. This way you can dehumidify each room seperately.

Apart from the external conditions, you must also consider the properties of the unit itself. One feature that’s good to have is a 2-speed fan. It’s good to have multiple speed options for different rooms and conditions. There are many other features to look for as well. You should also check the noise level on your unit if you plan on using it in living areas where you’ll be spending a lot of time.

The size of the unit also helps determine its effectiveness. For a small house, you should go for one with a rating of 10L per day. However, if you have a big house, you should be thinking of a dehumidifier with a rating of at least 20L. Price can vary as you add on features.

You must also decide which features are important for you. Features will vary for very humid or drier conditions. One important feature is a auto-shut off function that comes into play when the container is full. This can happen a lot in very humid rooms. I’d recommend connecting a hose to a floor drain so that the unit can continuously operate without you having to always empty the container.

A humidistat is another great feature to have. It can easily measure the humidity levels in your home. You can easily program your unit to a specific relative humidity level percentage and it will start and stop as needed to maintain that level. You can even program a timer on some units to have them start at a particular time. You can save a lot of energy this way.

Other great features to have include a frost sensor, which prevents frost building on the unit in areas which are very cold. If you decide you need a large capacity unit, then you should look for wheels so that you can move it around your home.

Considering all these issues, it is clear that the best dehumidifier is not a given brand or model. You need to match your dehumidifier to the prevailing conditions. Do your research before you go shopping so you can make an educated buying decision.

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