You can Make Your Swimming Pool More Enjoyable Throughout The Year With A Solar Pool Heater

Just because you have to heat a pool does not mean you need to pay much more on your utility bills. If you live in an area that has a lot of sun, you can use it to your advantage to heat your pool. Regardless of what kind of pool you have and where you live there is a heater that will be compatible with yours. When you are shopping for pool heaters, there are a lot of different styles and variations.

Now what’s the best way to choose the perfect pool heater? First, virtually every pool owner can benefit from a model that is high in efficiency and low in maintenance. You should also consider other things such as the type of pool you have (Can it be seen above ground or is it in the ground?), lifestyle (what times you actually foresee putting the heater to use), weather conditions (sunnier regions will benefit most from solar powered models) as well as the altitude of your home. (There might be a need for specific equipment if you live above a certain altitude.). Pentair, Hayward, and Jandy are all popular brands that customers tend to be pleased with. Be sure to look for the highest-quality, most wind-resistant one you can buy. Installation of some models is easier due to their lighter weight, simplified digital controls and adaptability for use with existing equipment or working with salt based chlorination systems. You are also going to see a significant decrease in your energy bill when you start using pool heat pumps.

Solar-based pool heaters offer an efficient and effective way to make your swim season last longer. A solar heating system can work for in ground or above ground pools. Our product can be installed by you without the aid of costly professionals; they are designed to warm your water by up to 15 degrees without gas or electricity. The system has solar panels that will work with the pump and equipment you already have installed. The temperature of the pool water goes up as the water is sent through channels heated by the sun. If you don’t want to put in a big system, try a smaller one, like the Solar Pool Heater from SolarPro.

There are other, less expensive solar options as well. There are solar rings and pool covers designed to convert the sun’s rays into warm, welcoming water. These durable covers can be trimmed to fit any pool, and can warm the water significantly. The rings, with a diameter of 5 feet, are designed to do the same, but on a smaller scale. You will be doing your share in saving the planet when you use these pool maintenance items.

Everything 4 Pools and Solar is the premier source in Central Florida for swimming pool heating, equipment repair and replacement, pool chemistry automation, pool renovation, and home solar hot water heating systems. Owned by lifelong Central Florida resident Mike Steininger, our team of pool and solar professionals has over 30 years of experience. Mike served as operations manager of North America’s largest swimming pool heating contractor for over 20 years before starting his own business in 2002. Our licensing covers contracting for both swimming pools and spans, solar contracting and also gas heating installation and repair. So whether it’s time to renovate your pool or to add, repair or replace equipment, or make the move to home solar hot water heating, Everything 4 Pools and Solar is your one stop source for timely and professional work at a fair price.

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