Your Guide To Keeping Intex Pools In Optimal Condition

Intex pools have become popular option amongst consumers as a result of its affordable range and ease of installation. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these structures are great for lounging and cooling off on warmer days during summer. Despite its affordability and ease of set up, it is important to implement regular maintenance for sanitation purposes.

The Intex pool should include a small pump or filter upon purchase. Once the structure is set up, be sure to run this pump everyday for between 6 to 8 hours. This is because water that stands for an extended period of time will contribute to the rapid development of algae and invite a range of bugs into the area.

It is important to add a specified amount of chlorine to the pool each day to keep the water sanitized. This is especially true for an above ground pool that does not include a pump or filtration system. Before swimming always test the chlorine levels by purchasing a test kit and do not enter the water if levels are above an acceptable level, instead wait until these levels eventually come down.

The use of a pool net is an excellent way to keep leaves and other floating debris from the surface. For objects that happen to settle on the floor of the pool, make use of a garden hose attached to a vacuum head and debris bag. Once turned on, the device will create a natural suction and may be attached to a pole in order to get to those hard to reach areas.

In the event that water changes into a green or brown color, there is a problem with water levels and it will require a shock treatment. Shocking water involves adding increased levels of chlorine in order to rid the pool of algae growth as well as bacteria. If adequate levels of chlorine are maintained, there will be no need to shock water and deal with sanitation issues.

Chlorine in its granule form should first be dissolved in a bucket and then added to a vinyl pool. This will ensure that you do not bleach the material once the chemicals are added. Shocking a pool is not a once off procedure as many believe instead it involves adding increased amounts of chlorine to the water between a 24 and 36 hour period.

Care for the vinyl lining by wiping the exterior with a damp cloth. It is important to maintain water quality so that one is able to enjoy clean water free from dirt and grime. Intex pools have been rated as the number one above ground pool product as a result of its durability, reliability as well as affordability for escaping the heat of summer.

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