Your Home, Your Health, and the Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier

There are several reasons that you can think of in purchasing a dehumidifier. It is a great to circulate dry air into an area or room, which prevents the growth of molds aside from removing the dampness but the most notable, is it removes humidity. Finding yourself sweating uncontrollably in your cool basement can be attributed to humidity. These units work overtime to take the water out of the air and helps keep everything dry.Discover frigidaire fad504tdd 50-pint dehumidifier reviews now.

The problems caused by high humidity are legion. Besides unwelcome odors, it can cause


Humidity! (Photo credit: Hopkinsii)

mold — including black mold — growth, condensation, wood rot, paper and drywall deterioration, and paint bubbling and cracking, to name just some of the effects humidity can have on materials.Just as worrying as what too much humidity can do to your “stuff,” is what it can do to you: the effects humidity can have on health. These can include itchy, watery eyes; headaches; chronic cough; rashes; breathing difficulties; general tiredness; and worse.

If you think a good air conditioning system is enough to handle your humidity problems, think again. Air conditioning can reduce the air’s moisture content, but air conditioning is goverened by temperature not humidity. Your system will most likely reduce the temperature and switch itself off well before it has reduced the humidity to the 50% level necessary to prevent the growth of common household molds.

Before buying a home dehumidifier there are three more things to keep in mind. You may avoid some frustration before you make that purchase.Room Volume – Obviously the greater the room size…the greater amount of air volume. And all that air holds water. Therefore you will need a home dehumidifier that can handle that volume. This is where the dehumidifier pint measurement comes in.

The Frigidaire FAD704TDP dehumidifier is well designed and sturdily built. It can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air in your home every 24 hours while cleaning the air of bacteria, allergens, mold, and mildew with its Effortless Anti-Microbial Filter. And as it’s Energy Star certified, it does it at a low temperature using less energy and saving you money. Furthermore, because the filter is washable, you save even more money (and time) because you don’t have to purchase replacements.

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